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Ommggggg so drunk lol

Nightmares vs. Reality.

I know its a week before the day that changed your (and my) life forever, but I can’t stop dreaming about you.

Lately, I replay the scenario over in my head and my mind imagines what would have happened if I had come home to you.

My nightmare was so real. I saw you take the pills. I saw you start to hallucinate. I saw you getting drowsy. I saw you lie on the couch into a ball. I can’t save you. I can’t help you. I try everything and exert my all my efforts and you still descend. The ambulance never arrives as quick as it should.

When I wake up it’s a relief. I know you’re alive and I always check to see how you’re doing. It makes me happy to know you are still here. I can’t imagine how different everything would be if you were no longer in my life. I am so glad you are alive!